Bodie Rasmussen The Lost Bean Owner

our Philosophy

In addition to our Organic coffee, tea and milk: we try and use a sustainable model of consumption by recycling and ensuring that our paper products are made from as much post consumer recyclable material as available.


Our “plastic” products are actually not plastic at all, but a plastic like material made from corn. Traditional plastic products are made from oil, and are not only a drain on precious natural resource, but take 200 years to biodegrade. Our corn based plastics not only help American farmers, are less destructive on the environment, and biodegrades in 45-60 days when exposed to the elements. 


100% of our shops energy usage is offset by purchasing renewable energy credits. This is the same as planting 1400 trees, or taking away 110,000 miles of driving each year.


We are excited that a significant portion of our company profits are donated to non-political charitable foundations both foreign and domestic that support our mission to promote education, health, and the environment. 

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